Wednesday, January 20, 2010

T-Minus . . . 30 Days . . . Give or Take

Well . . . I am shocked to look at the calendar and discover we are approximately a month away from Demon Baby's 5th birthday.

Five years.

The glorious news is this means kindergarten in the fall. Though he tells me--DAILY--that he will NEVER go on the yellow school bus and leave me. I am both delirious with anticipation of some silence and me time. And horribly sad. My last little bird is leaving the nest. Albeit from 8:00 to 2:00.

Five years.

Five years of hilarious escapades. Of collapsed ceilings and broken vacuums. Of syrup thrown off the second-story landing and dogs fed Raisin Bran. Of my diamond ring ending up in the dog's water dish, and more crayon on my walls than Crayola could ever imagine. [DAMN them!]

I have loved this child as fiercely as a mother can. I have fretted over his little idiosyncracies. I have shed a LOT of tears of frustration. I have prayed. A lot. I have yelled in my weak moments, and cheered him on in the great moments.

And I decided it was time to change the name of the blog. I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking Wonder Boy and Me . . . but we'll see. He's not a Demon BABY anymore. But he is pretty special.

And for any long-time readers, it's a reminder. Time flies. Kiss your loved ones. Hug your kids. Ignore the crayon and even the syrup on the walls. Because SOMEDAY your baby will be a boy. And then before you know it . . . a man.
[P.S. And the top picture? Me TRYING to take our family Christmas pictures. It was a freezing cold day. December 20th to be exact. And he is barefoot and running around on the frozen ground. That says it all. I suppose I'm lucky he wore pants.]


Melanie Avila said...

You could change it to Demon BOY and Me, then you can keep the DB. :)

Happy early birthday to the little guy, and thanks for the reminder today.

conley730 said...

Time really does fly. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around my guys being 5. I hate to see Demon Baby go, but I'm sure Little Demon Man will be just as great! I LOVE how the kitten seems so interested in what he's doing in the 2nd pic.

pita-woman said...

Actually, I was enchanted with the 2nd picture,
#1) he looks so peaceful and content
#2) the kitten watching him intently is too cute
#3) I was impressed he appeared to have on 2 layers of clothing. ;)

Maybe instead of Demon Baby, we could keep the DB and call him Dynamic-Boy

Natasha Fondren said...

Not to repeat what others said, but I was blown away by the second picture, too. That picture is perfect! That should be in a museum or a book or something.

He's turning five? Wow. I thought we met when he was two. I guess we did. Wow, time flies. This is weird, but I'm going to miss him. :-(s

Nadine said...

Adorable photos! That second one is such a beautiful moment in time.

I loved Pita-woman's suggestion of Dynamic Boy, that way you keep the DB.

Anonymous said...

I third the vote for the 2nd picture for all the reasons mentioned by pita-woman.

Crystal Posey said...

Hugged. Kissed. And I suppose I'll ignore the mess I found in my closet this morning. DD likes to dump all my stuff out. It's a lot of stuff. I can't see the floor. *sigh*

Robin said...

I don't want to appreciate what I have. I want to whine and complain like crazy. It helps to pass the time. ;)

Happy 5th birthday, DB!

Suzanne Perazzini said...

I can still feel my 19-year old son as a baby in my arms. I can feel the weight and the warmth. It was only yesterday.

Not sure about the new name for the blog but I know you will come up with something perfect to depict the boy he has grown into.

John Kauffman said...

It's not original, but "The Naked Truth" seems as appropriate here as anywhere ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Demon Baby!