Friday, October 23, 2009

Because I Can't Make This Stuff Up

I may be a novelist, but there is no way I can make this stuff up. The following is a true story. Every word of it.


"Demon Baby . . . where are your pants?"

"I had to take them off."

"I doubt that. Go find your pants."

"No, I really had to take them off."


"They were scorched."

[Aside: as the mother of a Demon Baby, "scorched" is most definitely NOT a word I want to hear.]


"The fireplace is on."

"Please tell me you did not put your pants in the fireplace."

"No. I put my butt up to the fireplace."

"Why would you do that?"

In walks older sister, age 11.

"What happened?" I asked.

"He put his butt up to the fireplace glass."

"WHY? Can someone in this house tell me what is going on?"

"It's her fault my pants are scorched," said Demon Baby.

"Her fault?"

"Yeah. She told me our fireplace works on gas."

Older sister crosses her arms and rolls her eyes. "He was trying to fart into the fireplace to make the flames go higher."


Yeah. I know.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Playing Pretend with Demon Baby

This child's look says it all. He lives life with imagination and mischief.
So last night, Demon Baby and I played "restaurant." He cooked. I was the food taster. He has a lot of plastic food, an apron, a few utensils, and a play stove. He cooked me an assortment of food.
"Taste!" he commanded.
"Quantify. How many stars?"
"How many stars?"
"For your review?"
"Oh. Five stars. I quantify this as a five-star meal."
"I need a BILLION lady."
"Then you better cook more food."
He went about cooking even more gourmet meals.
He fed me.
"Now how many stars?"
"A hundred thousand." (I mean, if I had to get to a BILLION . . .)
"That's better."
He cooked more. I had to feign rapture over each dish. "Delicious! . . . My compliments to the chef."
"You need to eat faster."
"Before a bomb explodes in my restaurant and sends us all to smithereens." (Only Demon Baby would combine worldwide destruction and playing restaurant.)
"Um . . . that's not a nice thought."
"These are not nice aliens, lady."
So I ate faster. "I'm really getting FULL, chef," I said after about a half-hour.
"I have JUST the solution for situations like these."
"Open your mouth."
"But I'm full."
"Just open your mouth."
He approached me with his tiny pretend dust-buster vacuum. He held it up to my mouth. "This device sucks all the food out of you so you can eat again. You won't be full in about one minute. Just hold still."
So he sucked out all the food. "How very Roman of you, Demon Baby."
"It's not Roman. We just need to finish all this food before the aliens destroy our planet. It would be a shame to waste a five-star meal."

Friday, October 2, 2009

Demon Baby's New Pets

A jar full of worms.
There is a trail of dirt through my house that has me questioning whether Demon Baby is a little worm himself.
And for the record, he says his worms live in "soil," not dirt.
Just so you know. They're classy worms.