Thursday, December 3, 2009

Demon Baby in Love

Demon Baby is in love.

Our next-door neighbor is a lovely woman, a good four decades+ older than Demon Baby, and a very attractive, warm-hearted lady. And she is the object of Demon Baby's affections.

I'm not sure how it started. How does any young man's heart turn to love? But he started slipping out of the house and running next door, ringing her bell, and then dashing down to the chair near her driveway to wait for her to answer. Then they would, in his words, "have a chat."

For a couple of weeks, that was all he would do. She would sit on her stoop and he would talk to her. At first, he was mostly shy, but then he started opening up.

Sometime around Halloween, he discovered she had leftover chocolate bars (she does not have children). So he finally took the big step and went INSIDE her house.

Now, every day, faithfully, he visits her. He draws with chalk. They "chat." He even watches TV there. I keep waiting for her to firebomb my house . . . I mean, surely she has work to do (she works from home). But she says he is an angel there.

Now, the upshot of all this? Love does strange things to a Demon Baby. Now, all I have to do is say, "Look, if you don't go to bed on time, tomorrow you can't visit next door." Suddenly, it's lights out.

And the other thing? He is so full of pride that he has a friend who appreciates him just the way he is. He comes home beaming each day. What a gift this woman is giving him.

And me. It's just a little window of peace each day.


Natasha Fondren said...

Awwwww! :-)

Melanie Avila said...

You should keep her supplied with candy bars. Or some healthy treat, whatever...

Very cute. :)

Nadine said...

That's adorable and such a blessing!

I just hope he doesn't pee in her closet.

Erica Orloff said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I should warn her.

But she's super-smart . . . so I think she has him outwitted for now.

Cheryl Kauffman said...

Why is it our kids are always angels at other people's homes?

Anonymous said...

DB in love. Who'd ever have thunk it. You should give this woman a medal. LOL

Suzanne Perazzini said...

That's fantastic!. When my son was six, we moved into a new house and he discovered the house next door was full of teenagers - four to be exact. He used to spend hours over there. Apparently he just wandered about as one of the family and it never worried the mother that she had an extra child in the house. He always gravitated towards those much older, where he found a degree of kinship and understanding. If they went down to the beach (200 yards away) and hauled the boat out, he was right there with them. He would pop in and tell me what they were doing and then dash off. In return, I watered their garden and fed the cats whenever they went away which was often so a kind of balance was established. Erica, our two boys need different sorts of relationships to most children and that continues to this day. I too was enormously grateful to those who took him under their wing.

Erica Orloff said...

He really has little in common with kids his own age. So he loves teenagers . . . and he loves older women. He totally behaves at her house, and I am a firmn believer in it takes a village. He's unusual, so I figure it gives him another person in his world that can be there for him as he navigates the world in his own way.

I love your story!


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Lauren said...

That's so cute! It is so special when grownups take time to pay attention to children. She sounds like a wonderful lady.