Thursday, February 21, 2008

Points for Cleverness

He's sharp.

What ONE phrase, when uttered by a two-year-old, will make ALL adults (even total strangers, waitresses, store clerks, ANYONE) within earshot FREAK OUT, run to help them, PAY ATTENTION to them, act like idiots?

Think about it and see if YOU are as clever as Demon Baby.

Wait for it.

Yes, the phrase is, "I think I'm gonna throw up." As well as all its variations--barf, hurl, puke, and vomit.

Demon Baby threw up a month or so ago for the first time ever. And of course, this entailed every person in the household fussing over him as if the King of Siam had taken ill. He found this amusing. And then he observed that when his sisters and brother ALSO got the stomach flu, they ALSO got a lot of attention.

So . . . he started running up to people--his teacher, waiters, me, family members, the lady on the checkout line--and saying, while clutching his stomach, "I think I'm gonna puke!" Then waiting for . . . and laughing at the reaction.

This is now his favorite pasttime.

At this point, I don't even look up. Which then means said store clerks and waitresses think I am an evil mother.

But I'm not. I am merely the mother of a clever Demon Baby.


conley730 said...

Mine haven't really figured out all the attention you get from throwing up, but they still like to talk about it. Yesterday one of them was saying his tummy hurt and the other one asked him if he was going to "throwed" up. Then he had this whole conversation about how last week he throwed up at daddy's house and he went into great detail. Of course, none of that happened!

Erica Orloff said...

LOL! Mine is just getting into the major fibbing stage. I had a woman come up to me after church two weeks ago, and say, "I hear he's getting his haircut and a lollipop today"--neither of which is true.

Mine range from 18 down to 2 . . . so . . . I know it's a phase. But this one? He's gonna kill me. I have NEVER been so worn out and yet strangely delighted and fascinated by a kid in my life.