Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Vocabulary

Besides having an "astounding" vocabulary (because he uses that word), Demon Baby is creative in ways that never cease to amuse me.

He even makes up words to suit his Demon Purposes.

First, he called his Grandma a "Meany-pants."

All right, so that's not horribly original. Saying it to your GRANDMA. Yeah. That's a little original for a three-year-old.

But the one I love is when he thinks I am being too hard on him (such as for CALLING his Grandma a Meany-pants). Then he has a made-up word.

"You're being such a FREAKIMUS!"

Yes. A freakimus.

I choose to think it's a combination for "freakin' genius."


Robin said...

When my boys were little, they used to call me a "Butler" and crack up. I think they thought the word "butt" in there was amusing. Or, they sensed that they had a personal slave who fed, clothed and bathed them. Hey! Aren't butlers paid?

Erica Orloff said...

I hope you've written that one down. LOL!